Friday, August 16, 2013

Adventures in Seattle- Part Three

Ok, so Part 3 came Friday instead of Thursday. My bad.

So, the last day of our trip had us deciding to go to the Woodland Zoo, but first, we were hungry, and we wanted to check out this Beth's place, which one of our cab drivers had told us was amazing. So, we walked for about a mile to get to this place only to wait about 20 minutes--in which hubs played the most ridiculous hunting video game I have ever seen and I bashed my forehead with the bathroom door--but it was worth it, because this breakfast was off the chain. SO GOOD! I highly recommend this place to anyone.

After breakfast, we decided to hoof it the rest of the way to the zoo, which was cool because we saw some beautiful flowers, and sucked because we were both in flip-flops and it was another mile to get to the zoo. If nothing else, we were working off all the food and alcohol we had stuffed into our bodies over the last couple days.

Now, I have to say, I have been to some zoos in my day. This zoo...was remarkable. It is 9 city blocks long and 9 city blocks wide. All the animal enclosures look like real habitats. And there is an insanely diverse amount of animals. It took us 3 1/2 hours to get through it. I would highly recommend this zoo to anyone.

After the zoo, we got Dom to come get us and we headed back to Pike's Market to get me a couple of things before it closed. That was insane, but mission accomplished. Then we ran about 6 blocks back up to this place Dom had recommended called 360 for dinner, which was all supposed to be local, which we loved.

Sadly, it was highly disappointing. The drinks were heavy flavored on the alcohol, but not actually strong, and blended badly. And the food was less than inspiring. Under-seasoned and mediocre for the cost, but hey, the wine was good!

Hubs and I were headed to an improv comedy show after that, but we had some time, so we popped into this place that had caught or eye earlier--it looked like a tiki lounge. We went to the bar and ordered 2 zombies.

Oh dear lord, was it a zombie.

I still felt like a zombie after the comedy show!!

We wandered our way back to Fado Irish Pub and got some after-show food and drinks. Meanwhile, my friend--who lived near the airport by the way--texted me and told me if we wanted to come and stay with her for the night, we could.

Um...YES! Our flight was at 7:45 and our cab driver stopped working at 5 am. So, it was either go to the airport at 4:30 am or stay at my friend's and maybe get some sleep.

Sleep won out. As well as good conversation, laughter, and sleeping with Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp blankets.

We boarded the plane back to Reno much too soon, with a random cab driver who was playing "Rock Lobster" very loudly...and who didn't look at all like a person who would listen to "Rock Lobster."

We wandered our sleep-deprived selves through security, and passed out before the plane even took off. Hubs' foot got run over by the drink cart, but it was all-in-all an uneventful flight. Took us probably 3 days to recover, but it was worth it.

Seattle was an experience, a good one. I hope to go back soon, and in the meantime, who knows...? Maybe something I have written will end up in one of my novels in the future. :)

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